We've seen those fancy copper gutters on those big hoopty houses... And seriously, who hasn't thought, "I want those!" I've thought that. Of course, I've also thought, "what normal person OWNS a house like that??"

Of course, I bet if you can afford such a fancy house, expensive copper gutters are a drop in the hat...and if you already have a custom house, what are you looking at my blog for? (I'm kidding).

So copper gutters run up to $30 a foot. thanks!!

However, I came up with an idea of how to make my own DIY copper gutters. I looked online for this sort of DIY instructions, and couldn't find anything. So, dare I say, am I the only blog on the web to date that has instructions on how to make your own copper gutters??

So, to start, I had just painted the exterior of my house, so the gutters were primed already.

(It's Halloween...the spider on the roof is Herbert :-D.)

I've redone my garage door too, see my other post, staining the garage door to read about that!

I initially tried using spray paint. 

Do not use spray paint for gutters. You'd spend way too much money on it anyways.
Trust me, I've tried both methods. Learn from my mistake:

I spent the money for plastic dropcloths and masking tape, and all the effort of taping off the gutters from the rest of the house (omg, HOURS) and the finger strain of holding down the spray nozzle, TONS of wasted paint due to overspray and slight breezes, PLUS how copper spray paint only comes in "hammered copper", which means you have to spray the paint thick enough for it to look hammered, and if you don't, it's hammered in some places but not in others.
It's terrible. 

You can see it's "hammered" towards the bottom, but smooth towards the top. This is after my third coat of spray paint. I could not get it consistent.
I had wasted my money on about ten cans of spray paint ($7 each, plus the drop cloths and tape), at Lowe's before I discovered that Amazon had a liquid version, which, in two coats, would have covered everything, with a uniformed hammered look. 

Well, live and learn. 

SO, I finally did two coats of the liquid version ON TOP of the spray job I'd already done. If only I had done this first, it looks ah-MAZING!
The can of Rustoleum liquid "hammered copper" paint was only $12! There is no need to tape your gutters if you're using liquid paint...there's no overspray.

Two coats, and my gutters had conformity:

Thankfully, the can of liquid paint was the same color as the spray paint, so I didn't have to worry about color coverage. 

Also, you can use it for touch ups if you get hail or something.

So, I had also painted my garage door in the meantime, but here is the finished look:
Forgive my spider, it was Halloween.
And it looks good! The copper tones work with my brick tones, and it shines beautifully in the sunshine!!

I love my copper gutters, and instead of spray paint, save your money and use the liquid version, and you can have mock copper gutters just like those fancy $30 per foot ones!

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments!

*UPDATE, it's been two years, several thunderstorms, ice and snow, one hailstorm, and a tornado later, and the color is lasting just fine. Some chips from the hail, but I touched those up easily with my can of leftover paint.

Beautiful and durable.