Why using charcoal for eye makeup is a BAD idea


Hi all!
Welcome to my first Freaky Friday post! 

I will show and explain why certain DIY things are not a good idea. User beware!

Freaky Friday will have regular postings on dangerous, poorly thought out, lack-of-common-sense DIY things that are out in the internet. 

Today's subject is CHARCOAL FOR EYE MAKEUP and why it's a BAD IDEA.

Sorry guys...this is a terrible idea. 

1. Store-bought eye products have to have FDA approved colorants. The ingredients in activated charcoal are not FDA approved for eye safety.

2. The products that some sites have you mixing with the charcoal are not safe. Even the "purest" Aloe Vera gel, for example, has preservatives that are not safe for the eye, such as sodium benzoate, sodium sulphate, potassium sorbate, and ascorbic acid.

3. Your homemade product may be "preservative free", but what you don't realize is that these preservatives in commercial eye products keep bacteria and microbes from growing in your eye product! You could get terrible infections from contaminated eye makeup

4. Activated charcoal has not been ground to a silky fine texture, like commercial eye powders. If a gritty bit of charcoal gets in your eye, you could get a scratched cornea - which can sometimes cause loss of the eye (link NSFW).