Uneven burning candle hack


Don't you hate it when your three-wick candle and it just burns three holes straight down?

Like this sad thing.
 I've developed a little candle hack for that!

Your candle has to have burned for an hour or so to start, so that the wax is soft enough for this (or microwave it for a bit). It's best to do this to a brand new candle, so that it can burn evenly all the way down. 

I didn't start this until it was too late, but oh well!

All you need are toothpicks and a pair of pliers. 

Break the toothpick in half:

And using the pliers, push the toothpick into the softened wax, pointy end first, between the wicks.

Light the toothpicks, and hover the flame so that it melts the surrounding wax a little bit

**The toothpicks will burn for a few second then go out. This is normal. The point of doing this is so that the melty wax will soak into the toothpicks.**

With the toothpicks burnt out, let the candle burn 20 more minutes (giving the unlit toothpicks time to absorb some wax). 

Light the toothpicks again. They will burn very dim for a while:

After burning the candle several times (over the course of a few days), the toothpicks will catch fire easier, and will burn better.
As the toothpicks burn down, you can replace them.

It's not a perfect solution, but it works for me! It drives me crazy when my candles don't burn properly.
What's funny is that it's the expensive candles that do this!
The above candle was FORTY FREAKING DOLLARS at Hobby Lobby, and it burned holes straight down. (The wicks were about 2.5" apart.)

I have a three wick $8 candle from Wal Mart that burns perfectly! (The wicks are 1" from each other.)
I've deduced that wicks should not be more than 1" from each other for the candle to burn properly in general. 

Good luck!