How to Remove Black Grease Stains from White UNBLEACHABLE Clothing

Hello Everyone!
This is my first post in a very long time.... life has been rough... as we all know happens sometimes.
Please forgive me
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Now - I have this adorable, beautiful folk dress... it's made of some sort of off-white linen or muslin. It has no tags, is obviously handmade, and has beautiful colored embroidery from neck to ankle...i.e.: COMPETELY UNBLEACHABLE.

I went across town to pick up a bike for my man (yes, in this dress!), and in the process of loading it, I got a large chunk of black grease on my dress leg. I WAS DYING..... it was over an hour to get home, and I didn't know how grease would set in white fabric.

I was so upset and distracted, I didn't think to take any before pictures, but it was a black, chunky, greasy stain the size of a dime on the right thigh area of the dress. I was in misery the whole way home.

I did some research on stain removal for white garments, but most of it was along the lines of "scrub with dishwashing detergent and then wash in the hottest possible water with lots of bleach and DON'T put in the dryer".... Well... the hard part is, I can't bleach this dress!
So with some creativity and experimentation, I was able to get out the black grease stain COMPLETELY, with no damage to the dress whatsoever. Here's how I did it:

**First thing, bring an entire kettle of water to boil.**

1. Put a white towel underneath the stain in order to prevent any transfer of grease to another part of the fabric. Do this also when you switch to the other side of the fabric.

 2. I used a sharp knife to carefully lift the chunky bits. Don't use a spoon or a butter knife (as some websites suggest). Have a paper towel nearby to wipe off the knife. Be careful not to grind in any further grease.

3. Sprinkle baking soda on the grease to absorb some of the worst moisture. Using a toothbrush, scrub the baking soda into the grease stain on BOTH SIDES of the fabric.

4. Drip some vinegar on the stain so that it fizzes really good. Scrub with a toothbrush. Repeat on other side of the fabric.

5. Follow this up with some hydrogen peroxide. It is a very mild bleaching agent. Scrub again on both sides with the fabric.

6. Pour some hot water from the kettle on the stain. Rinse it well, and then using some dish detergent, scrub the stain well on both sides with the toothbrush. Then rinse with the almost-boiling water from the kettle.

7. Repeat step 6 - be patient! - until the stain is completely gone. I'm telling you, this completely saved my dress. No damage to the color of the fabric, horrible black stain completely gone! Then wash the garment in warm water and hang to dry. DON'T put it in the dryer for a few more washes.

I was so happy to get the stain out of my beloved dress.... it truly was a unique one of a kind dress and now it's saved!